Saturday, March 28, 2009

Workspace & button URLs now in the same format

This is not very important, but the workspace URL and the button URL now use the exact same parameters names and format (the one of the button URL).

They used to be a bit different. For instance, the font parameter in the button URL indicates if the font is in its bold and/or italic variant (e.g: f=Calibri-Bold, f=sans-serif-Bold-Italic), while in the workspace URL, it took 3 parameters: font for the font name only, font-bold for the boldness and font-italic (e.g: f=Calibri&fb=on, f=sans-serif&fb=on&fi=on).

These little differences were explained by the fact that the workspace URL was simply composed of the name/value of each of the HTML form elements. For the font, you have to choose the font name, and then activate (or not) the Bold? and Italic? checkboxes: it gives us 3 HTML elements, so (previously) 3 URL parameters.

But this was lame, for it leads to 2 different and incompatible formats. Useless complexity.

So I change this stuff so that from now, given a button URL, you just have to change by and you're ready to edit this button!

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