Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Da Button Factory the best button generator out there: yet another step

These are the changes made in the yesterday release:

- A fix in the horizontal alignment. Two pictures are worth a thousand words, here are the results of asking for a button with a 3 pixels horizontal padding:

BEFORE (the padding on the right is abnormally bigger than the left one, and is certainly not 3 pixels)AFTER (no extra space on the right, the left and right paddings are the same and actually are 3 pixels)

- You can now close the color picker panel by pressing the escape key

- Opera and Internet Explorer don't automatically call the javascript change() listener
of a checkbox when it is clicked: this behaviour is now emulated (the change() listener
is crucial in this app, since it triggers the retrieval of the new button image)

- You've got a visual indication of the current displayed page: the background image
of the corresponding navigation link (the buttons in the top-right) differs.

- The text in the information panel is now vertically-centered in all browsers and
its behaviour is a bit smarter (if the entry point to the site is not the editor page, it doesn't
say 'Start right now by editing the default button above' for there is no 'button above'!)

- Internally, the caching system and the HTTP headers sent in the responses are now cleaner.

That's all folks!

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