Saturday, April 4, 2009

Announcement: new version in preparation

Hello everyone out there following Da Button Factory! Some news.

1. the "Da Button Factory" Flickr account has apparently been deleted (see the previous post talking about the Flickr experiment).
Well, I can understand that they (the Flickr admins) saw it as a form of spam (every uploaded button had an hyper-link to edit it in DaBuFa in its description field...). But this is a pity, for spamming was of course not the intention.
Anyway, I keep the user-generated gallery idea in my head, and it will come back. But this is delayed for now because...

2. Da Button Factory is going to be heavily changed and improved. I have started to work on a new version which should feature:

  • an easy generation of an hover and/or active states for the button

  • more output formats, mainly a "CSS sprites" one.

  • button themes. Think of them as the current "examples" page but in more powerful: you'll be able to dynamically change the theme of your button. You will be able to save your own themes. You will be able to generate a random theme, etc.

  • more generally, there will certainly be the introduction of registered accounts so that people can upload their own fonts, save their themes, etc.

These are big new things to integrate, so it will certainly take some time before I can present something, a beta version of this new version. But please be patient and don't worry if you don't see new blog posts for a while: it's because I will work so hard I will have no time to write :-)!

And please, please, please, if you have any suggestion for this new version, or for anything else: leave a comment, or email me!
I am always glad to get feedback from anyone using Da Button Factory, or even from people which don't use it (if so, tell me why! :-)) And I always listen and think of suggestions very carefully, and try hard to integrate them in a way or another. And of course, I always answer emails :-)