Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Da Button Factory updated

I have been quite busy professionnaly since the last update, but I've found some time these days to upgrade Da Button Factory.

The site seems to not have changed a lot, it's because my time was mostly used to completely changed the back-end infrastructure of the site to prepare for some more heavy visible changes (as listed, for example, in the previous post).

Anyway, this upgrade features:
  • a new design: a bit more polished and uncluttered. This new design uses CSS 3 features and is best seen with a recent decent browser, like Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. There are still rendering problems with Internet Explorer, I am working on fixing them. The new color picker is far more powerful and good-looking.
  • a faster site: the overall size of the pages has been reduced, the editor is more reactive, buttons that has already been generated are cached and served from RAM directly by the webserver, gzip compression has been activated, the site uses less images, etc.
  • less interface bugs: the color picker, for instance, was known to not work correctly on Internet Explorer 8. That, and a lot of other little issues, is now fixed.
  • a new image output format: ico. This is the format used for the favicons, and some people seem to use Da Button Factory to create some. So now you can directly generate one with Da Button Factory, without having to manually convert it from png to ico. A favicon example can be edited here (it's the one used for
  • the image size (in bytes) is now displayed.
  • the API is now more documented.
Let me know what you think about the new design or anything, or if you found any bug. Oh, and Merry Christmas :-)!