Thursday, March 19, 2009

New server

So it turned out that the original server of Da Button Factory, which was one of the cheapest solution with root access and unlimited traffic that I could find (less than 15 USD/month), was really inadequate for a real-world activity.

The main bottleneck was in the I/O. The server didn't have a local hard drive, but instead used a remote storage device via iSCSI.
Consider that for now, the factory has to create ~ 15 new buttons/second at rush hour. And the buttons are all cached on the disk, to be served (much) faster if they are queried again. So, that's a reasonable amount of I/O work, and here it is be done on a remote server (and moreover a cheap one!)... Plus, it seemed the remote iSCSI host was really particularly bad.

Anyway, Da Button Factory is now run on a new server, with a local storage facility (a classic SATA hard drive) this time. It also has 1 gb of RAM (vs 512 mb) and a much bigger storage space (250 vs 10 gb).
It's up since nearly 2 days now, and the average load is far less than on the old old!

Also, the app has got a little update today, introducing a small "information panel" on the bottom of the page. For now, you can just navigate between some tips in it, but I plan to add more different sources of contents.

P.S: curious people can have a look at the total number of generated buttons, counting since the deployment on the new server.

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